Features of 'The Other Hand'

  • Jaws able to open to 93mm

  • Can hold door vertically

  • Doors can be held as close as 9mm from ground

  • Door is held firmly sideways

  • Our rubbers are glued with 'Loctite 406'

  • Can be fixed to saw stools or bench due to holes at each end of the baseplate

  • Powdercoated safety yellow

  • Has achieved OH & S award and Industry Innovation award

  • The heavier the product the more tension is applied

  • Internally mounted 'Caterpillar' strength spring

  • Strong thick robust components

Advantages of 'The Other Hand'

  • Can hold PVC pipe, pine framing etc

  • Can hold door firmly whilst screwing hinges into position. Will hold a 45kg door with ease.

  • Able to slide under existing door to hold while being removed

  • Door is less likely to 'tip over' whilst working on it

  • Rubbers cannot be removed unless ground off

  • Can be used at a workable height for a variety of uses

  • Easley recognized

  • Widely accepted into all industries mainly because of OH & S award

  • Less likely to bruise lighter products and will hold heavier products more firmly

  • Cannot be damaged and won't loose tension

  • Can be dropped and knocked around. Less warranty claims